Directed by: Francesco Carnesecchi
Country: Italy
Genre: Horror



Sara has just been released from jail. After two years of imprisonment, the young woman returns home just in time to spend the holidays with her family. Bored and tired of the hypocrisy of her parents, she takes refuge in Gaia, who invites her to join the hunt for wild boar that her boyfriend Geppi and his brother Rino have organized every Easter. Having no better alternative, Sara accepts the invitation, discovering only later that in addition to her, there will also be Miriam – her ex girlfriend – together with her new partner, Tea. Something dark, however, awaits them in the mountains. Shortly thereafter, the group finds itself hunted by a mysterious creature that forces them to get lost in the woods. While between Sara and Miriam old rusts of a turbulent past resurface, the girls realize that they are prey to an animal they have never hunted before. What are they willing to do to survive?

Director’s vision

RESVRGIS is a dark thriller that catapults the protagonists into a remote area of the Simburini Mountains, where history and legend merge
into a single denominator: mystery. Historical evidence such as Pliny the Elder’s Naturalis Historia confirms the presence of werewolves as
early as 77 AD. Several cults were practiced in those days, such as the Blood Moon cult during the Lupercali, and the Roman Emperors were
the first to hunt the Werewolves. RESVRGIS plays with native mythology, mixing it with pop culture and the language of horror cinema, to tell
the story of the metamorphosis of a suicide victim and his resurrection. Fast pace, suspense and heart-pounding adrenaline, these are the
narrative codes with which this story is revealed, with the task of keeping the viewer’s eyes glued to the screen until the dramatic outcome.
RESVRGIS is a violent poem that takes one’s breath away and strikes straight to the heart, for to rise again one must first pass through the
world of the dead.


Director’s biography

Francesco Carnesecchi was born in 1985 and graduated in Rome in Audio-Video Direction and Production at the IED and obtained a Master’s degree at the New York Film Academy. In 2011, also in New York, he founded Wrong Way Pictures, a production company that acts as a creative bridge between Italy and America. Among the collaborations: Modà, Alex Ferreira, Pompeya, Jovanotti, Subsonica, Pino Daniele, Ima Robot, Elisa and Mannarino, and brands such as Toshiba, Pfitzer, BBC, Tod’s and Bulgari.
His first feature film, LA PARTITA, was distributed in theaters in February 2020 and acquired by Netflix, where it is available worldwide as of September 2020.


Production Company: ILLMATIC FILM GROUP

Video presentation