The Housemaid – 식모

Directed by: Choi Eun
Country: Republic of Korea
Genre: Horror, Thriller, Fantasy



After being kicked out of the house, food porn YouTuber Yoojeong has not yet settled down and rents a room in an old mansion of the narrator. In a hidden room in the house, she comes across a ghost named Dogang. It turns out that Dogang died from starvation and became a ghost, a very hungry ghost. Yoojeong keeps having recurring nightmares. Soon after, Yoojeong discovers that Dogang was the housemaid that died unjustly from starvation decades ago. Dogang borrows Yoojeong’s body and starts chasing the narrator for revenge.

Director’s vision


Director’s biography

After majoring in film at the Korea National University of Arts, she wrote the screenplay for feature films ‘The Age of Savior’ and ‘Missing Child’, and worked in the production team for ‘Ten Months, Can You Feel It?’. She wrote the screenplay and directed the short films ‘Cinephile’, ‘The Gift’ and ‘Bye By Bi’.


Production Company: DOD Production
Company introduction: She majored in computer science and cultural criticism at the university, and had her in alot of film plannings and scenario writing.
Address: A320, 109, Pangyoyeok-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea, 13531 Pangyo
Producer: Lee Rae Eun
Phone: +82 01099181023

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