Directed by: Maximiliano Contenti
Country: Uruguay
Genre: Advenure, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror



Mario is the new doorman of an old building with a few peculiar inhabitants. While working, Mario discovers a small green door in the garage. There lives a family of gnomes, who are trapped underground and are chased by a goblin. Mario does his best to free them. With the help of Sebastian, a 10-year-old boy, he will be able to decipher messages and allow the gnome family to return home.

Director’s vision

“Tomte” is a family film with fable and folkloric overtones. Mystery, fantasy and dramatic comedy are intertwined in it. As the film progresses, the universe of reality is left by the characters who dare to cross the threshold of fantasy, despite the gaze of others who call them crazy.
Nordic folklore merges with latin american culture.


Director’s biography

Maximiliano Contenti, Montevideo, Uruguay 1984.
Director of fiction, documentaries and videoclips.

Filmography – Feature Films:
2008 – Muñeco Viviente V (Puppet Pal V)
2013 – Helices ( Blades – Documentary co-directed)
2017 – Neptunia (co-directed)
2020 – The Last Matinee
2022 – Hot Club of Montevideo (Documentary)


Production Company: U Films

Video presentation