Directed by: Kaye Adelaide
Country: Canada
Genre: Horror



TRANSVENGEANCE is a dark comedy revenge horror film that follows Jane, a trans woman who narrowly survives a botched facial feminization surgery, as she wreaks vengeance upon those who wronged her. As the body count rises, Jane discovers that everyone on her kill list belongs to a global conspiracy against trans people. Can Jane get over her selfish revenge and act in the interest of the greater good, or has the bloodshed pushed her too far?

Director’s vision

TransVengeance will be a vibrant film with a slick aesthetic flare. Neo-noir inspired cinematography and high contrast, neon lighting will
elevate dramatic set design and Avant Garde wardrobe. This film will face strong political themes like bigotry and injustice head on with
playful dark humor and a healthy splash of blood.


Director’s biography

Kaye is a writer, director, and visual artist, based in Montreal. Her critically acclaimed short DON’T TEXT BACK won her the Best Director award at the North Bend Film Festival, as well as Best Canadian Short prize at Fantasia Film Festival. With a flare for humour, Kaye tackles poignant themes facing the queer community through a genre lens.


Production Company: Head on the Door Productions

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