Directed by: Oscar Martin
Country: Spain
Genre: Horror



Spain, 1755. A young woman is sent to a cloistered monastery in which several novices have been mysteriously bled to death. An unconventional Franciscan looks into these unsettling events. Everything seems to lead to an ancient tale that the new Enlightenment society would rather keep out of sight. A bloodthirsty upiro seems to have infiltrated the convent.

Director’s vision

UPIRO is a blend of genres wrapped up in a horror film. The story begins as an Agatha Christie-inspired locked room whodunnit. It moves towards a giallo style as corpses start to pile up. Its ending resembles a legal drama in which the survivors must face the authorities from a time in which irrational explanations were not given credit on principle.


Director’s biography

Oscar Martin is a Spanish director, writer and editor of films, TV, commercials and music videos. With over 20 years experience in the audiovisual field, he released his directorial debut: the multi-award-winning film AMIGO (2019). UPIRO would be his second film, after being named best director at Nocturna Madrid IFFF, Terror Molins IFFF, as well as the Prix Nouveaux Cinéastes Toulouse.


Production Company: EL OJO MECANICO


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