Train to Nowhere

Directed by: Hajime Ohata
Country: Japan
Genre: Revenge Thriller



When Yoshie’s husband is killed by Yakuza in a hit gone wrong, she vows to take revenge. But Yoshie is seventy years old, so she teams up with her grandson Minoru, a withdrawn, bullied boy, to track down the Yakuza. But Yoshie suffers from Alzheimer’s and when Minoru is killed, Yoshie has to struggle with her own memory and get her revenge alone.

Director’s vision

An old woman burdened by the past and a bullied boy with no hope for the future are both outcasts from the world around them. They overcome their differences and conflicts to pursue an impossible revenge scheme. I want to suggest that old people are not simply a burden on society.


Obtained financing and/or aid: $150.000 of Investment from our company Estimated budget: $670.000 Obtained percentage of the budget: 22%

Director’s biography

Whilst still a student at the Film School of Tokyo he won the Jury Awards at the Yubari film festival and the PIA Film Festival for his film, ‘A Big Gun’ (2008), which also had a theatrical release.
His 2011 film, ‘Henge’ which he wrote, directed and edited, won the Quebec Critics Prizes at the Montreal Fantastic Film Festival and the Jury Prize at the Texas Fantastic Film Festival. It was also selected for the Yubari Fantastic Film Festival, the Kanazawa Film Festival and the Shimokitazawa Film Festival. It ran for seven weeks in theatres in Tokyo.

He went on to make a Promotional Video for the popular Manga, Hakaiju, and made part of the foreign financed horror collection, ‘ABC’ s of Death, Part 2’ (2013) and also “Real Oni Gokko Rising”, an episode of the anthology film, ‘Kidan Hyakkei, Toei Presents 48 directors X HKT48’ (2015). In 2018 he directed ‘Subterranean World’, with Hirona Unjo, an episode of the popular horror TV series, Ogamiya Kaidan.


Production Company: Mountaingate Production Ltd.
Company introduction: Born in 1966 Tsuyoshi Toyama began his producing career at 100 Meter Films, the Tokyo Production Company of British born director and producer, John Williams. After leaving 100 Meter Films he produced ‘Harmonium’ by Koji Fukada, which won the Jury Prize at the 69th Cannes Film Festival and ‘The Real Thing’ by Koji Fukada, which was part of the Cannes Film Festival’ s 2020 Official Selection. Most recently he was the producer on ‘Palma’, by Alexandr Domogarov Jr (Russian/Japanese Co-Production).
Address: Horiki Build.3F,9-4 Yotsuyasaneicho,Shinjyuku-ku, 160-0008 TOKYO
Producer: Tsuyoshi Toyama
Phone: +33 (0) 608 31 7864

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