The Moon of the Kurent

Directed by: Tomaz Gorkic
Country: Slovenia, Croatia
Genre: Dark Crime Thriller Drama



The newly formed team of detectives, Drago and Kristian, have been assigned to an unusual murder, with the appearance of a ritual killing. It turns out that this is not an isolated case, and that such crimes have been going on for years. As the killings continue to take place, it turns out that the detectives are dealing with a mass murderer who, in the name of a mysterious pagan cult hidden deep within the Catholic Church, hunts young infertile women, and offers them up as sacrifice to an ancient fertility god.

Director’s vision

Through the combination of a crime investigation and mysterious thriller, with elements of foreboding horror and a dark drama, I would like to take the viewer on a journey through various historical periods, folk customs and believes all defined by the search of dominance over the mystical.


Obtained financing and/or aid: The project was financially supported by Slovenian Film Center (script and project development) in a total amount of $20.450. We have two co-producers Lignit Film and NuFrame with an investment of $28.900 and an own investment of $256.500. Estimated budget of the serie: $1.530.000,00 Obtained percentage of the budget: 20%

Director’s biography

Tomaz Gorkic (1974) is a film, television and theatre director, scriptwriter and editor, working in Slovenia and Italy. His filmography includes directing two genre feature films and over ten short films, which were screened at numerous film festivals around the globe and received more than 50 international film awards.


Production Company: Strup produkcija
Company introduction: Nejc Saje works in various fields of visual art (animated web pages, short animations, theater installations). He produced more than 20 titles in different techniques and genres for Strup produkcija.
Address: Ro┼żna pot 9, Dragomer, 1351 Brezovica pri Ljubljani
Producer: Nejc Saje
Phone: 38631829961


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