The Braid

Directed by: Gonzalo Calzada
Country: Argentina, Spain
Genre: Horror, Fantasy



Anselmo is a 13-year-old boy suffering from hemophilia, a disease that leads him to live at home under the obsessive care of his mother. His life is lonely and his restless spirit finds refuge in books, especially mystery stories. The hormonal changes he goes through sharpen his senses and in that confinement, he begins to be tormented by ghosts that come to his room during the night to look for him to untie them from a braid that holds them captive.

Director’s vision

‘The Braid’ is a contemporary fairy tale, taking their typical structure (for example, ‘Hansel and Gretel’) and shifting the story to our time and period, and the all too real stories of locked-up children, current witchcraft, toxic mothers, madness and the redistribution of information to bring about intrigue. Told from Alselmo’s point of view, the story touches on themes such as the helplessness of children, broken childhoods, imprisonment, abuse and the madness of toxic, narcissist and cruel parents. In clear contrast to these themes, the fraternity between siblings, reason and intuition, courage and the desire to live appear as forces to overcome the most adverse situations.
The story treats fantasy and terror, with ghosts, witchcraft, spells, bindings, black magic, haunted houses, mystery and deduction, metamorphosis… The tone of the film changes according to the protagonist’s perception. At first the room has a certain dreamlike baroque quality, like a doll’s house. Yet when he wakes up from the spell he finds a more raw and realistic room.


Obtained financing and/or aid: We’ll have the support of the INCAA (Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales). Estimated budget: $640.000 Obtained percentage of the budget: 35 %

Director’s biography

Film Director, screenwriter, producer, teacher and publicist. He is part of the directors, which in their formative stage in the 90s, worked hard in Argentina to get to a cinematography oriented to the narrative and fantastic.
Since then, and currently, he has produced, written and directed feature films, short films and screenplays which were released with great acceptance from the audience and film critics. Along with other of his colleagues, he is responsible for having positioned the genre cinematography in professional formats of the national industry.


Company introduction: Executive Producer, editor, post-producer and publicist. In his formative stage, he has worked in several feature films, documentaries and advertising. His integrative vision and experience lead him to design post-production systems which start in pre-production. This methodic and rigorous work guarantees professional results in areas such as post-production, sound, effects and edition, giving each project celerity during filming and visual results that exceed the production’s limits.
Producer: Alejandro Narvaez
Phone: +5491164788665

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