The Propagandasaurus

Directed by: Sacha Feiner
Country: Belgium
Genre: Media-Political Satire



Phil, a retired, embittered, old-fashioned special effects craftsman, is kidnapped by the dictator of Gloriakia, a country on the verge of collapse. The dictator forces him to create dinosaur attacks… which are used as “fake news” to terrorize and contain the people. Phil then decides to turn this delirious propaganda against the despot, using his tricks to bring down the regime… at the risk of ending up in the Gulag. Because the fight that then begins is… “Méliès VS Stalin”.

Director’s vision

In ‘The Propagandasaurus’, I want to satirize the mediatic and political themes that bother me today. To keep it fun to watch and exciting to make, I want to illustrate these themes with techniques I’ve always loved, through the profession of a kind of hero who, as an old special effects craftsman, has not been magnified on film yet.


Obtained financing and/or aid: Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles: writer’s aid funding obtained in 2020 Estimated budget: 3.500.000 €

Director’s biography

Sacha Feiner (1982) begins with hand-crafted short films, such as pre-shows for the BIFFF. In 2008, he is noticed by the special effects world with ‘Gremlins Fan Film’. ‘A Better World’ (2012) is an Orwellian sci-fi short. ‘Last Door South’, a puppet short, wins a Magritte and “Best Animation” in Clermont-Ferrand (2016).


Production Company: Take Five
Address: Avenue du Roi 52, 1060 Brussels
Phone: 25346636

Video presentation

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