Dark My Light

Directed by: Neal Dhand
Country: Czech Republic, USA
Genre: Science Fiction, Thriller



Mitchell Morse is a detective in a sleepy Florida town. His investigation of a beachside serial killer is complicated by his failing marriage with his wife, Emily, and the arrival of a new cop from the big city, Dreyfus Trier, his new partner. Mitchell is alarmingly distracted on the job. Dreyfus sees it, but things aren’t as they seem. When the detectives get a lead and find the killer Mitchell shoots him… and then also shoots and kills his partner Dreyfus. An unspecified period of time… A severed foot washes ashore. Dreyfus – now seemingly alive and unaware that he was or will be killed by Mitchell – discovers that the DNA of the foot matches his. But he has both of his feet …

Director’s vision

Dark My Light is an existential science-fiction thriller. Inspired by Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Jorge Luis Borges, Álvaro Mutis, and Jean-Pierre Melville, the film is a feverish, manic love story, and a labyrinthine descent into hell.
About 12 years ago I heard a story from Vancouver where a severed foot washed ashore, still in its shoe. It wasn’t the first, and it hasn’t been the last. No one has solved it. That was the jumping off point for Dark My Light.
I love time travel and detective films, but I’m also interested in recognizing and reversing tropes, playing with structure, and changing archetypes. Dark My Light begins as the paradigm, but then shifts it.
Dark My Light is dream and nightmare. It’s blunt love and impossible longing. It’s the hazy memory of coming out of sleep and bringing an image back to mind.


Director’s biography

Neal Dhand is a writer, director, producer, and teacher from Philadelphia. He makes genre films that are socially aware and frequently revisionist. In fall 2021, Neal directed DARK MY LIGHT from his own screenplay. DARK MY LIGHT is a sci-fi drama and thriller for the modern age. It is currently in post-production for a 2022 release.Neal’s short films include selections at the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, Sidewalk Film Festival, Cinequest, and many others. His screenplays have been placed in a variety of prestigious competitions, including the Nicholl Fellowship, American Zoetrope, Austin, and BlueCat, and have been featured on The Black List.


Production Company: DARK MY LIGHT, LCC


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