Dark My Light

Directed by: Neal Dhand
Country: Czech Republic, United States
Genre: Science Fiction, Thriller
With: Keesha Sharp



Detectives Mitchell Morse and Dreyfus Trier chase a serial killer in a beach town. When a severed foot washes ashore they discover that the DNA matches Dreyfus’, who has both of his feet. During their investigation, Mitchell’s wife Emily is murdered because of Dreyfus’ carelessness. Mitchell becomes more obsessed with revenge than justice. Mitchell lures Dreyfus to a lighthouse, where he overpowers his partner, breaking Dreyfus’ ankle. The light washes over them…and they go back in time. Mitchell tries to revise Emily’s murder, but the number of times he’s had to relive it has driven him mad. He alienates his wife and pushes her closer to Dreyfus.

Director’s vision

‘Dark My Light’ is an existential science-fiction thriller. Inspired by Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Jorge Luis Borges and Jean-Pierre Melville, the film is at once a feverish, manic love story, and a labyrinthine descent into hell. The film draws from the real-life news story of severed feet in Vancouver, from the feeling of waking up from a nightmare, and from revisionist detective fiction.


Obtained financing and/or aid: $125,000 in private equity
Estimated budget: $500,000
Obtained percentage of the budget: 25%

Director’s biography

Neal Dhand is a writer and director. His 2019 short ‘The Well’ premiered in competition at the 2020 Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, winning an Honorable Mention. He’s in development on the science-fiction feature ‘Dark My Light’, which was selected for the NAFF It Project Market and Blood Window at Ventana Sur 2020, and was a Special Mention at Sitges Pitchbox, 2020.


Production Company: Somnium Pictures
Company introduction: Sergio Uguet de Resayre is a Spanish-American filmmaker who has held positions in multiple areas of the entertainment industry in multiple countries. He is the producer on the Ethiopian post-apocalyptic love story CRUMBS (Rotterdam, 2015), the Finnish feature film TUFTLAND (Other Worlds, 2017), HAM ON RYE (Locarno, 2019), and JESUS SHOWS YOU THE WAY TO THE HIGHWAY (Fantasia, 2019).
Address: 10712 Camajillo Street, North Hollywood 91602
Producer: Sergio Uguet de Resayre
Phone: +1 949-677-4227

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