Dark Vertigo

Directed by: Giancarlo Soldi
Country: Italy, Austria
Genre: Paranormal, Thriller



Three young climbers – Bruno, Emma, and Pippo – set-off to climb a dangerous mountain using a perilous route, which hasn’t been successfully conquered in over 50 years. Two legendary climbers, Boldrin and Jugovic, who disappeared here long ago under opaque circumstances, had named this route Dark Vertigo. Ignoring bad omens, the three friends attempt the impossible, but after proceeding a short distance, they find themselves enveloped in dense fog. And with the fog comes horror. The mountain, often violated, takes revenge.

Director’s vision

I want to recount a story in which the Mountain protects itself, its natural balance, its integrity against the selfish challenge of human being.
Thinking back to Deliverance, or to Picnic At Hanging Rock, we have two beautiful examples of nature being in control, which are also great
Ours is a film with evocative images, but also with the use of sound as an innovative, visceral language, almost as if it were the voice of the
mountain. A sound that is certainly spatialized and, in my case, is indebted to Japanese cinema, provoking a sense of psychological
disorientation, a loss of psychic balance


Director’s biography

Giancarlo Soldi combines storytelling with VSX, which he filters through poetry and emotion. He created such mystery genre films as NERO (presented at the Venice Film Festival and boasting Sergio Castellitto) and POLSI SOTTILI (Berlin Forum 1985), as well as TV programs (BUZZ-ITALY) and documentaries (CERCANDO VALENTINA, winner of the Nastro d’Argento award).


Production Company: BIZEF PRODUZIONE


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