Deliver us from Hell

Directed by: Juan Diego Escobar Alzate
Country: Colombia
Genre: Horror



The eighties pass in a remote, wealthy, conservative and religious community that surrounds a hydroelectric plant. A family – made up of three young brothers, a father and a mother – has grown apart for unknown reasons. The death of the father will bring them together again in an old lake house to give him a sacred burial. But this is just the beginning of a family tragedy that will lead them to discover and decipher dark puzzles of their lineage as well as terrifying and ancestral truths of the community. Something is hidden under the waters of the lake, and it is the reason why the community has been built next to it.

Director’s vision

I come from a city rooted in its culture, a conservative and religious society, where the different is punished with indifference and gossip, a society full of appearances and filled with important surnames where the rich eat the poor in every way. A society and a country (Manizales, Colombia) whose stratification and social inequality can be breathed just by looking out the window. A true living horror story, without music or jump scares, in which you only hear the church bells ringing and the noise of luxurious cutlery hitting expensive dishes. A society full of appearances in which lineage and surnames mark a social status. The most loyal families have been ruling for more than half a century and will do so for many years or perhaps until the end of times. A society where the poor are blamed for all misfortunes when the rich steal leaving a clear trace, but not even the official authorities punish them because they are part of a social circle or network from which only the elite benefits, a network where everything can be bought and where everything is a mirage full of calm.
“DELIVER US FROM HELL” arises precisely from that discomfort and profound discontent that I feel as I see the atrocities that occur before everyone’s eyes, but the vast majority remain silent, they don’t want to be judged neither they want to show themselves as different.

“DELIVER US FROM HELL” serves as a critic against power, be it religious or social. It is a criticism against the majority of Latin American countries, whose elite transcends not only civil rights, but also the social and human rights, wealthy families continue to play God; who punish with disdain and insensitivity and recriminate with forgetfulness.

This project is a wounded cry and act on behalf of the voices that have been silenced, voices of hundreds of innocent children with whom the church and the elite have trafficked. A one-of-a-kind horror movie, where the games of the rich man who not only plays God, but also the Devil, a ferocious wolf in sheep’s clothing, whose flock are hundreds of innocent creatures that are just beginning to live, are discovered, but against the clutches of the rich man and the church there is nothing to do, is there?


Director’s biography

Juan Diego Escobar Alzate is a Colombian director and screenwriter known mainly for his feature film debut LUZ: THE FLOWER OF EVIL, which had its World Premiere in the Official Competition Section of SITGES and was distributed in different countries. The film has been harvesting more than 40 festival selections and 22 awards ranging from best director, best film, best performance and best cinematography. His feature films SEARCHING FOR THE BLACK RAINBOW (an Argentine-Colombian co-production between Coruya Cine and Blond Indian Films) has been an official selection in the markets of BIFAN, Sitges, Fantasia, Frontieres co-production Market, Blood Window, and BIFFF, while DELIVER US FROM HELL (Blood Window 2021) is currently in development.



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