Dissertation (The)

Directed by: Giulia Mucci
Country: United-Kingdom, Italy
Genre: Horror, Suspense



Obsessed by the goal of a perfect thesis, young behavioral psychology student Lucy decides to traumatize the twins she babysits in order to study the disastrous consequences of her experiment. Through fear-conditioning, she will bring to light a supernatural bond between the two brothers, a discovery that will lead her to dangerously extend her research. But how far will she be willing to push both herself and the ones close to her to complete the innovative dissertation?

Director’s vision

The dissertation is a movie in which the first act is developed following classical horror tropes, reminiscent of movies such as Kent’s “The
Babadook” and Clayton’s “The Innocents”. We will mislead the audience into believing that a supernatural being is tormenting the family, only
to reveal that it’s a human the cause of their fear.
By doing so we will let the spectator decide if they should fear monsters, or humans.


Director’s biography

Giulia Mucci is a young Italian director specializing in horror cinema and recently graduated from the MA fashion communication course at London’s Central Saint Martins. She is currently working as a curator for Torino Film Festival and as junior producer for various Italian productions. Giulia is currently finalizing her horror short film LET US WALK ALONE, produced by Compulsory.


Production Company: COMPULSORY


Video presentation