Evil Light

Directed by: Juan Schmidt
Country: Argentina
Genre: Horror



A young man visits his family’s town. As soon as he arrives, his father forces a job on him: to go with a group of bullies to evict a secluded mansion that they own. During the raid, they violently evict a family of squatters. All that is left to do is to wait until the next morning. But during the night, one of them is incinerated by a mysterious entity. The squatters desperately return in search of protection. With no alternative, the two sides join forces to resist a terrifying thing that only materializes in the darkness: Evil Light.

Director’s vision


Director’s biography

Graduated as Image and Sound Designer at the UBA (2005). His first feature film as director and producer is POLVAREDA (2013), part of the Official Competition of the Mar del Plata International Film Festival 2013 where it won the award for Best Actor.
He also directed LOS MONSTRUOS and METAL CONTRA METAL, both documentaries.


Production Company: Machaco Films


Video presentation