Precious Blood

Directed by: Andrés Kaiser
Country: México, Argentina
Genre: Horror, Thriller
With: Daniel Giménez Cacho (Mex), César Bordón (Arg)



Mexico, 1767. A priest is commissioned to investigate a series of murders that have taken place inside a convent. The sole witness, a nun apprehended by the Inquisition, declares she has hellish visions and contact with the devil. After several interviews, where step by step the massacre is pieced back together, the clergyman is able to glimpse the truth of the facts, which plunges him into a dangerous spiritual dilemma.

Director’s vision

Horror is born from the apprehension we feel from darkness and the presence of the evil that we assume inhabits it. This assertion is transformed in a terrifying way if we discovered that darkness doesn’t reside outside the world, but it lies within us. This is the case of Sister Isabel, a nun cloistered in a world of men, but whose internal enigma pulses powerfully and uncontrolled, capable of violently gripping the souls of the righteous. Including Salazar, an extremely modern priest for his time and despite this, deeply lost in the maze of human confusion.
‘Precious Blood’ is a film that despite being setted in the past, builds ideas that today are more tangible than ever: how detached and alien we are to barbarism? To what extent do we depend on our imaginary and religious conceptions to scare away the true monsters that we have built in ourselves and in others? How is that we have allowed the figure of God to take us away from our earthly urgencies? Only an honest and deep exploration of human horror will empower the film in order to shake the viewer’s core, steering the film away from jump scares in favor of a deep exploration of ideas that will last in the human mind.


Obtained financing and/or aid: FIDECINE (Mexico) – $400.000 Estimated budget: $1.800.000 Obtained percentage of the budget: 22%

Director’s biography

A member of the Tribeca Film Institute with his debut feature ‘Feral’, winner of the FIPRESCI Prize (International Federation of the Film Press), the competition prize at the International Film Festival of Los Cabos and the Best Director award at RIFF Oslo. As a writer, his book of short stories “La zarza ariente” was awarded the Manuel José Othón Prize for Literature and published by Editorial Atrasalante. He is currently working on the post-production of ‘The Invisible Seed’, a documentary film nourished by splendid and complex found family footage.


Production Company: Cine Feral, Aramos Cine
Company introduction: A graduate from University of Costa Rica and EICTV, Cuba, in 2013 Nicole attended the Masterschool Documentary Campus. She has produced a series of documentaries, shorts and feature films in Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica and Spain. This is her third collanborarion as a producer with Andrés.
Address: Hamburgo 868, 06470 Mexico City
Producer: Nicole Maynard Pinto
Phone: +525528166308

Video presentation

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