Directed by: Nir Paniry
Country: Malaysia, USA
Genre: Science Fiction, Thriller, Drama.



Would you pay someone to scour the infinite multiverse in order to implant you into the life of your choosing so you can benefit from someone else’s hard-earned successes? ‘Variance’ can do just that. Sykes is a Variance agent who encounters an “alt” of his deceased wife while on a routine job. Company protocol: No witnesses. Sykes has a better plan, go on the run and fake his own death by taking over the life of his own alt, Nick, an off-the-grid, single dad to a drug-addicted teen, desperately trying to keep his daughter from an early grave. Their stories will be told in parallel, destined to collide and change their lives forever.

Director’s vision

Variance’ can best be described as a mystery sci-fi drama. Set in a world like our own but “five minutes in the future”, a great number of films inspire us. The jarred narrative and twisty complexity of Kurosawa’s ‘Rashomon’. The tonal atmosphere and criminality of Michael Mann’s ‘Thief’ and Nicolas Refn’s ‘Drive’. The approach of duality and loss of self in Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Enemy’. And a hint of the ‘everything that can go wrong, will go wrong’ fall through the rabbit hole that has been made famous by the Coen Brothers. The tonal goal of ‘Variance’ has always been to tell a small, intimate story of crime, bad decisions and personal redemption, set against a larger impossible world.


Obtained financing and/or aid: The producer will financed up to 10% of the budget = $500.000 We plan to shoot in Malaysia where we will be eligible for a 30% cash rebate on local spend which is approximately $500.000 in value amount. total raised approx. $1.000,000. Estimated budget: $4.800.000 Obtained percentage of the budget: 20%

Director’s biography

Nir Paniry is an award-winning writer and director. In 2012, he premiered his first lo-fi sci-fi feature, ‘Extracted’, at SXSW. Since then he has been writing specs and assignments, most notably ‘Dracula and Van Helsing’ that was sold to Sony, and ‘Princesses’ that was sold to Sony and Amy Pascal.


Production Company: It Must Be Entertainment
Company introduction: Yong Lin Foo is a film producer from Malaysia. He started his career in finance as an equities analyst but later on decided to pursue a career in film. He has held various roles in the film industry from director of acquisitions at Gravitas Ventures (LA) to producer at Real Entertainment Pictures (Beijing). Yong Lin recently set up his own production company to develop his own films.
Address: B-22-03, The Greens, Jalan Wan Kadir 5, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur
Producer: Yong Lin Foo
Phone: 60123736376

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