Virtual: The Hologames

Directed by: Daniel H. Torrado
Country: Spain
Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure, Fantasy,



In a futuristic and desolated world, ruled with iron fist by the Programmer, a tyrant half human, half machine that controls all the technology, enslaved humankind, who miserably scrapes out a living divided into Sectors, connecting to virtual reality in order to escape from their problems. However, there will be a gamer from the suburbs that will change everything. Junoh survives in one of the poorest sectors of the System, hanging around virtual reality arcades, where he faces Ann, an attractive player from the Core, with whom he starts a virtual relationship. But Junoh is condemned to participate in the dangerous contest of the Extreme Hologames, where players receive deadly electrical shocks when they are reached during the games. Junoh will have the opportunity to avenge his brother’s death, free Sector 9 and meet with Ann.

Director’s vision

Virtual: The Hologames’ runs parallel between the struggle for survival in a de-humanized and hostile environment with influences from ‘Blade Runner’ or ‘1984’, and the struggle to win the deadly championship of the Extreme Hologames in spectacular virtual battles with influences from ‘Art of Sword’ and ‘Hunger Games’. A story of adventure, forbidden love and fight for freedom in a futuristic universe dominated by technology and video games.


Obtained financing and/or aid: Investors and tax rebate of 40% in the Canary Islands Estimated budget: $2.000.000 Obtained percentage of the budget: 25%

Director’s biography

Screenwriter, director and European producer with 15 years of experience. Winner of a Platinum Remi at the Worldfest in Houston, Special Mention at the Sitges Festival, Best Foreign Work at the Orlando Film Fest, among other awards.


Production Company: Canary Film Factory
Company introduction: Producer with 15 years of experience, winner of multiple international awards, his latest film has been distributed by companies such as Disney and Fox.
Address: C/ Sor Brígida Castelló N13, 35001 Las Palmas, Canary Islands
Producer: Daniel H. Torrado
Phone: +34 660211923

Video presentation

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